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Ramapati S
Thank you Whenever I'm in a crisis I come back to Laura and in a few sessions I have new insights and actionable information. I've been coming to her for 12 years! Thank you Laura for your consistency and help
Been searching for this deep healing for decades Laura's work is gentle, profound and life changing. I have experienced deep shifts in feeling safe, nurtured and cared about in my daily interactions. More importantly, these feelings of safety and love and now coming from within - as I feel infinitely more grounded and deeply safe, comfortable and complete within myself. I no longer feel like "there's a big hole" or a "deep need" for connection and for others to provide the love I have been seeking due to the deep abandonment I experienced as a child. I have been searching for this deep healing for decades, having tried multiple forms of energetic and traditional healing work to resolve the (at times) overwhelming feelings of grief, loss, depression and terror that originated in my alcoholic, emotionally abusive, overly punishing childhood in a family that "looked good" on the outside. My parents and siblings were non-connectors, and there was a lot of sarcasm, shaming and criticism. Having longed for deep caring and love my entire life, I have now found this deep love, peace, comfort and joy blooming from within - and my outer world is now resonating with this also. Acquaintances, co-workers and friends are now magically responding "in kind." If you want a path to heal your deepest wounds and sorrows, please try a few sessions. Within a session or two, I was feeling better. By session five, I was experiencing deep, continuing peace. By session eight, I could not believe how my outer world was changing. I noticed a completely different response of appreciation and inclusion and kindness and caring from the people around me. Wow! My lifelong feelings of "I don't fit in, they don't like me, there's something wrong with me" that originated in childhood parental shaming are no longer present. I now feel embodied in self-acceptance and self-love, and it finally feels safe to be in relationship to people without hiding who I am. No regrets, but what would my life have been like if I had worked with Laura decades ago? I'm excited to continue to explore the many ways that life will open to new possibilities in my vocational life as well. I'm so very grateful for Laura's profound work and the positive direction my life is now taking.
Kristina A
Always helpful I am writing another review for Laura and her repatterning services. It never fails! I have recommended her to friends and family who have also had huge shifts. Just do it!
Unbelievable With one session in, we have released and healed old baggage that I've been trying to heal for years. I cannot belive how I have positivly changed and I am being a different, better, me. Thank you!
Deep repatterning I just started working with Laura and I am very impressed with her skills and deep listening. I felt better after one session and I am looking forward to my next one.
Ramapati S
Laura has changed my life I've been in several sessions with Laura over the years. Her methods worked for me extremely well. She got me back into the land of the living to become a productive member of society. Thank you Laura!
Azra M
Resonance My session with Laura went into depth and detail like none other before. I was working through lifelong issues of mine and realized how much stemmed from my family and it brought a lot of clarity to light. Laura has a loving, soothing demeanor which makes it easy to answer questions that uncover the issue at hand.
Rapid and lasting transformation My sessions with Laura were focused on abandonment and self-esteem issues. After just a few sessions, I was able to feel my core strength improving and noticed myself being significantly more confident in relationships. After 8 sessions, I felt as though I'd done a decade of talk therapy and experienced a major and positive change in the way I moved through the world. Laura takes a deeply intuitive and comprehensive approach that works to re-pattern decades of averse conditioning. I am deeply grateful to her for sharing her gift with me. Thank you, Laura!! <3
Cass W
Unexpected Result After struggling with an issue I had stalled on I truly feel that I was led to Laura divinely. I speak as a pragmaticly minded woman not really given to flights of fancy but I felt deeply that something was going on that I couldn't access without help. After the original consultation Laura and I scheduled an hour-and-a-half which went by in what seemed like the blink of an eye and 5 days later I feel so much lighter,better, more hopeful, more in-tune with my intentions than I have in years. I intend to continue because I'm really engaged in doing the work to rid myself of old patterns that have been affecting my life, my thoughts and my relationships with people for too long. If you feel like you're ready to be rid of a past or come to peace with one that's holding you back, I would encourage anyone to explore this process with Laura. Good Luck!
Always a great experience I always call Laura and think "I'm not really sure I need this repatterning" and then something completely profound comes of it! I cannot explain here how much she has helped me. Thank you, Laura!
Getting to core issues I had some things bothering me that I could not put my finger on. Laura helped to get to some hidden issues that I did not recognize so I could better clarify and address them. I highly recommend her services!
Review of Session Very helpful session. Received resource information regarding books and movie which have been pertinent and helpful at this point. Thank you so much.
Cindy B
Always transformational This was my 3rd or 4th session with Laura. For me the sessions are so transformational and on point, helping me get through blocks I am experiencing. She is very insightful and in tune with the energy.
Kristina A
Always great I keep going back to Laura she just helps me so much I cannot explain—just try it!
Deep Transformations It was by divine appointment that I found Laura. In only 3 sessions we accomplished the work of 5 years of therapy. Even months after our sessions I am still gleaning from the transformations made during those sessions. She offers such a gift of deep, life transforming healing like I have never experienced. I am deeply grateful!
Asenath A
Deep and lasting positive change Laura's work is a real gift to me. I do a lot of things from traditional therapy, to being really involved in Buddhist practice and meditation Community to massage and acupuncture and all kind of healing work. I'm in that field myself and I'm discerning. Laura's work is a super valuable part of my personal growth regimen. The changes that occur in our phone sessions are deep and long-lasting. Permanent I would say. I've really been impressed. I've had three sessions with Laura now. Spread out over two years. And I know I'll keep coming back to her from time to time because I find it very helpful and valuable. Just have an open mind and let her walk you through the process. She's very insightful and supportive. I love her work.
Phylicia C
Thank you I just want to say a huge thank you for the work you have done with me! I was very surprised to unearth so many deep rooted patterns which I did not realise I was still holding on to! It was great to be able to shed light on it and repattern it. Thank you:)
Review of Session Very helpful feedback. To the point and on the mark. Felt rejuvenated and better prepared to move ahead.
Kristina A
Just the best thing! I continuously turn to Laura & repatterning to make my life better. Anytime there's a block, she moves me through it and it's like there never was a block. I highly recommend this service--it's wonderful!
Apt and Enjoyable! Working with Laura on harmonizing my resonance has been an amazing experience. With the technique, she is able to zero in on the deep, critical component of the moment, and then apply something healing to it that is painless and often fun. But beyond the technique (as cool as it is!), her skill as a facilitator is fantastic. She holds the space without judgment and with lots of compassion and humor, making me feel at ease. And the remarks that she chooses to make, always only if it is in my benefit, are always supremely intelligent, but also easy to grasp. I very much look forward to continuing our work together!
Dawn H
Transformative experience Laura is highly intuitive and very skilled at what she does. Before my first session, I was under such stress that I felt almost paralyzed by negative feelings. Following the session, I was able--for the first time in several weeks--to do yoga and write in my journal. After a session, I experience feelings of release, clarity, and hopefulness. This is a kind of healing that goes very deep, very quickly. I do not try to understand how what Laura does works, I only know that working with her has been a transformative experience for me.
Ilene D
Feeling better about myself I’m feeling better about myself. Since I started talking to Laura. I have been stuck in these patterns my whole life and I feel finally, like I have a chance to get better. I’m very grateful that I am able to work with her. Her guidance has been a real blessing in my life. Mind, soul and body. I’m looking forward to the next time I get to speak with her again I’m looking forward to the next time I get to speak with her again ❤️
hard to explain I can't really explain why this helped. But I do feel like it did. Laura is very kind, and you feel at home right away. I've gone to a therapist in the past and I don't feel like they helped at all. Something was different about Laura, this is the first time I"ve set up a second appointment of my own free will. I would definitely say you should try her, you may just be pleasantly suprised!
Aimee F
Game changer! I can honestly say sessions with Laura changed the course of my life. I’d been in in-person talk-therapy for ten years and felt like I was talking in circles stuck in place. I had loss and trauma that seemed impossible to overcome. I learned how to truly love and accept myself which changed the course of my career, gently began to soften the loss and trauma, and made my relationship that was on the verge of ending not only possible, but more joyful and stable than ever. I’m still not sure what to tell people when they ask what kind of therapy Laura offers, but I know that it works and that she goes above and beyond with her clients providing extra support and resources outside of the sessions. Thank you Laura!
Kristina A
Always helpful I have used Laura for multiple sessions over the years and I get immediate relief from issues I feel I could not otherwise solve on my own. Much more effective than seeking traditional counseling.
caroline s
Completely Different The way that Laura works is different from the kind of therapy I have had before. Although counselling & psychotherapy helped me understand my problems I still felt like I was repeating some of my old patterns which was frustrating. I feel like Laura is working on an entirely different energetic level rather than just with the mind and I am hopeful that this is what I need to make deeper and more effective changes in key areas of my life. So far it has been an amazing experience and I am feeling optimistic about the future.
Very different and very helpful I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions, and I would recommend working with Laura. thank you.
Angela K
My experience with Laura... It has been a remarkable journey working with Laura. I 100% believe in the work she does with energy and muscle checking to find out what is blocking us. I think so often we have been stuck with energy that isn't serving us but it's been going on so long, we don't even know that it's there or how to name it. That is where Laura comes in and that is what differentiates her from conventional therapists. She is trained and truly has a gift of communicating with a person's body/energy and with her training she can identify what the block/un-serving energy is. Honestly my life has changed since I began working with her about 5 months ago. I got a job that I feel happy and content with, I found a man that is amazing and treats me with such love and care, and my personal finances have turned around and I have more money and stability than I have ever had in my life!! I would encourage anyone who is thinking about it to move forward and work with Laura.
Margo S
Subtle Changes that make a big difference I have had a few sessions with Laura and have found that I feel lighter,less burdened with issues that were like an app in the background, playing over and over, like static. Digging deeper into that background noise and releasing it, is a subtle change that has made a difference for me. I feel lighter, I don`t focus on what I `should` (aka self guilt) - be doing, instead focusing on what I want to be doing. Overall, I have a new level of happy on a deeper level. Old patterns are being exchanged for more positive ones.
Angela K
Amazing I have only had one session so far with Laura, and it was a very powerful session. I have done a load of therapy with psychologists in a group setting and one on one. Although some things significantly improved with all the therapy, I was still blocked, and still repeating my patterns. What I realize now from the first session with Laura is that I was still holding a lot of the negative memories and experience in my body and she tapped into that right away and did an amazing job of clearing it and replacing it with something 100 times more positive. It is clear that she is a very spiritual person with an exceptional ability to work with energy. I am so happy that I found her and I want all my friends and family to work with her because what she does is unique and amazing. I wouldn't have any hesitation in referring anybody to her and the price is extremely reasonable in relation to the benefit and what you at traditional psychologists. Absolutely AMAZING!
Huge Shifts

I went back to Toronto and notice how the shifts have changed me with regards to how I feel when I'm with my family and friends. I feel that there were huge shifts. 

Wanda F
Very personal, understanding and great I would highly recommend
Profound changes 1 session was like 5 years of therapy. But really, Laura was able to do what a therapist couldn’t.
Jennifer J
I feel hope again... It's one thing to see and recognize issues, but healing them left me feeling overwhelmed. Where do I start? How do I do this? If I could fix it on my own, I wouldn't be here now! Speaking with Laura was calming, reassuring, and I felt so accepted and understood. Here was someone to guide me, at a time I felt most alone in the world. I KNEW there was a way to heal and I no longer felt frustrated, but hope instead. Just as we learn to walk, talk, manage our money, and behave in society, I had found a teacher to help me relearn and balance my hurts and pain. How do you put a price on that? A regular counselor charges $125-$150 per hour. Laura gives you an hour and a half each session, with so much more tools than just communication. Without batting an eye, we invest in our cars, our homes, our education, and our children. Isn't it time we also invested in ourselves, our future, and our peace of mind? YOU are worth this!!
Lesley C
Therapy with Laura I found Laura to be passionate and committed to this work. She helped me to open up areas of my life I had not been fully aware need attention. I found the experience fresh and alternative to other therapies and self development programmes I have tried. I think Laura is inspired and inspiring. Thank you
Kaylaa C
Transformative I have found Laura's work to be most helpful in reducing my anxiety. The results of this profound transformative experience for me have reverberated into my life in positive ways. As I calm down, my relationships calm down, and things that were once quite difficult become smooth and easy. Thank you Laura for your work.
G B, Los Angeles
Grateful for your help! So glad I found your website while searching for answers to the things I no longer wanted to resonate with. With your help, I feel liberated after our sessions and courageous toward pursuing a truer sense of myself. Thank you!
New Hope You gave me renewed hope that I'll learn to tap into my inner resources to flourish. I appreciate the work you are doing in this world!
Aurelie Lang
Expertise and Guidance from the heart I have "worked" with Laura for a few months now. I am still at awe with the process and Laura's skill and personality. I love the fact that my mind, body and heart are in play and that at the end of the session I feel and trust that all 3 parts have integrated the new patterns.
Revealing and insightful My work with Laura was greater than I expected. I wasn't sure about the process and had never done this type of work before but it revealed some hidden underlying beliefs that were manifesting current realities, that was a big wow for me! Her approach is gentle and kind and I felt like I was in a very safe place. I look forward to exploring more with Laura's work.
Holographic Repatterning On January 30, 2017, I experienced an extremely helpful session with Laura Frisbie aimed specifically at helping me access my inner resources in dealing with situations at work and in life. The initial part of the session included a discussion that helped to clarify what was going on in my life and the areas I felt needed to be addressed. I was grateful for the succinct insights Laura offered at this time. This was followed by the holographic patterning process which added a spiritual dimension to the work and to further hone in on the issues being covered in the session. Since the session, I have had a number of experiences at work, in particular, where I can see good results from my efforts since I am more careful about assessing situations and who is responsible for what actions in interpersonal relationships. I have known Laura Frisbie for a number of years and I have benefitted so much from the work we have done using holographic patterning and the blessing of her friendship as well. I recommend Laura's work to other individuals and intend to contact her for future sessions.
Ninaya S
Thanks for lightening my heavy heart It was really healing and helpful to talk it out w U on some level be heard and held by my mom I really felt it soothe me❤️
Amazing RR Sessions with Laura had been very helpful to me! I had the thought earlier this week that I wanted to be able to hold my breath longer when I am swimming. Then the session that came up was to repattern my breathing to unblock Chi and my Meridians. I had not mentioned anything about my breath yet the session provided training for lengthening the time I hold my breath out. It's an amazing experience really:-)
Highly recommended My issues include codependency, abandonment, over giving, attachment, jealousy and I have tried numerous approaches over the years but nothing worked on the level that Laura's technique addresses. I could feel my patterns and thinking shifting after the first session and although I am aware these things take time to fully change, I honestly believe even my two sessions so far have had an impact. I can't wait to have my next session.
Kristin s.
Beautiful Process I'm healed. :) Thank you for your support in this beautiful process. :)

Kim L.
Not Just Talking ABOUT it! With my counselor it's like, "how long am I going to keep just talking about this situation?"  With Laura, it is almost immediate results & I feel definite transformation.